The Pre-Seder Checklist Every Parent Needs

Need a quick run-down of Passover traditions in the order they happen? Watch this short and fun video featuring art from favorite PJ Library Passover books.

You’re hosting the seder this year, so how do you make it fun for all ages? Never fear, this short checklist ensures you have everything you’ll need for a kid-friendly seder.

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Grape Juice for the Kids

Don't forget, you'll need four cups during the seder.

A Seder Plate

You can’t have a seder without a seder plate, right? Help your kids learn about what goes on a seder plate by making your very own! Need a quick reminder about what to put on your plate? Here’s a short shopping list:

  • A green herb, like parsley
  • A roasted lamb shank or beet if you’re hosting vegetarians
  • Horseradish
  • Charoset
  • A bitter vegetable
    • TIP: Include a crudité platter of veggies for those who can’t wait until the full meal
  • A roasted or hard-boiled egg. (Use an avocado or olive if someone in your family has an egg allergy)
  • Salt water


This flat cracker bread is a core Passover food. Be on the lookout for special boxes of Streit's Matzo with PJ Library branding in your local stores.

Plate or Cloth Cover for Your Matzah

You'll use this to wrap three pieces of matzah.

Afikomen Bag

This is a pouch for hiding the special dessert matzah called the afikomen. Learn how to make your own afikomen bag.


Keep some small and silly prizes on hand for whoever finds the afikomen.


Make sure to recline in style. You can even make your own from old t-shirts or fabric scraps.

Elijah and Miriam's Cups

You'll need these for special ceremonies during the seder. Grab some plastic cups from the dollar or craft store along with stick on gems and paint markers to let children create their very own special Elijah’s cups.

Delicious Meal

Because you can't eat just matzah! Need a good, kosher-for-Passover recipe? Find staples like delicious chicken soup, brisket, and matzah-toffee, in the Recipes section of the PJ Library Passover hub.

The Passover River Ride

Watch an animated version of the Passover story above to help children follow along with the tale. The River Ride, an interactive game version of this video, was distributed with Passover books in 2019.

Your Haggadah

Man sita at seder table and reads Haggadah to two children.

You won’t be able to get through your seder without a Haggadah. If you need one for your family, check out In Every Generation: A PJ Library Family Haggadah. It’s available now on and You can also receive a free downloadable PDF version by completing this simple form.

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