You may already know that PJ Library sends fantastic Jewish storybooks to families’ homes every month at no cost, but many new or soon-to-be parents haven’t yet learned about our program. Once people do discover PJ Library, they find that the stories spark meaningful conversations and inspire the whole family to explore and celebrate what they love about Jewish life. The earlier we can reach them in their family’s growth, the sooner these connections can begin. That’s why we’d like to partner with you and help bring even more life-changing value to the families you serve.

If you are a mohel, rabbi, or pediatrician that welcomes new babies in your community, we’ll provide you with free PJ Library gift bags to give to the families you work with. Since we began this initiative in 2022, more than 100 mohels throughout the US and Canada have signed up and received more than 1,700 of these gift bags. This means families in their communities will have the chance to start reading PJ Library stories from the very beginning of their children’s lives. And books are just the beginning, as PJ Library also offers so many other family resources and ways to engage in Jewish life and community.