The PJ Library Alliance is a collective of leading philanthropists who each pledge a minimum of $1 million to support PJ Library's growth, sustainability, and innovation. An inaugural investment from the William Davidson Foundation inspired others, and to date, the PJ Library Alliance has collectively pledged more than $40 million to grow and deepen PJ Library's work.

PJ Library Alliance’s investments:

Support bold growth of PJ Library— reaching more children and families from diverse Jewish backgrounds, including those who might not access Jewish life on their own

Expand PJ Library globally

Build a canon of great Jewish children’s literature

Empower parents as leaders and hosts in their homes and communities

Multiply impact through partnership

Create meaningful content for tweens

Innovate how families experience Jewish holidays, traditions, and stories

The PJ Library Alliance gathers bi-annually to share ideas, learn together, and engage in deep discussion around the PJ Library program, its current work, and its plans for the future. We have joined together in partners cities and choice locations such as Aspen, CO and Washington, DC.

The PJ Library Alliance welcomes new partners! If you are interested in learning more, please contact

PJ Library Alliance Partners:

Harold Grinspoon Foundation 
The Marcus Foundation, Inc.  

The Azrieli Foundation
Carl & Joann Bianco
Genesis Philanthropy Group 
Micah Philanthropies
William Davidson Foundation

Ann and Nate Levine Family Foundation
Arnold S. and Madaleine Penner Family Foundation
Crown Family Philanthropies
Dr. Steven Grinspoon
Howard & Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation
Joseph and Debra Weinberg Family Foundation
Marilyn Einstein and Steven Sim Charitable Fund
Mike & Sofia Segal Family Foundation
The Molly Blank Fund of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
The Murray & Sydell Rosenberg Foundation
One8 Foundation
Sam Berman Charitable Foundation
Stephen and Bebe Saks
The Sherrie R. Savett Family Foundation
Susser Family Trust
Diane Troderman
Wilf Family Foundations
Walter, Arnee, Sarah & Aaron Winshall
Zucker Family Foundation