Five years ago, we set our sights high with a bold vision for PJ Library. Our Mission: build on a well-loved children’s book program to make it the predominant platform for reaching and engaging a new generation of Jewish families. An inaugural investment from the William Davidson Foundation inspired others. The alliance is a collective of leading philanthropists who have pledged more than $25 million to grow and deepen PJ Library’s work. Alliance members pledge a minimum of $1 million to support and shape PJ Library on a global level.

Over the next give year the PJ Library Alliance will further our ability to build on these achievements and broaden and extend the scope of PJ Library. Some of our goals:

  • Contribute to the canon of great Jewish children’s literature
  • Support thousands of parents hosting Jewish experiences in their own homes
  • Motivate community partner organizations to grow PJ Library to reach more families
  • Test engagement strategies through grant funding
  • Provide professional development opportunities so that partners utilize the best and most up-to-date approaches to service their constituencies

The PJ Library Alliance welcome new partners! If you are interested in learning more, please contact Will Schneider,


The PJ Library Alliance gathers bi-annually to socialize, share ideas, and engage in deep discussion around the PJ Library program, its current work, and its plans for the future. We have joined together in partners cities and choice locations such as Aspen, CO; Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; the PJ Library International Conference, and even made a made a 2016 stop at the West Wing of the White House for a special briefing on civic engagement and education.