The PJ Library Alliance was founded in 2013 as a way for like-minded philanthropists to join together and serve new generations of Jewish families beyond their local communities. Each Alliance partner has pledged a minimum of $1 million to the fund, and has committed to an evolving plan that invests in four key areas:

I. Growth and Sustainability
Expanding the program’s reach and sustainability

II. Underserved Households
Reaching and supporting underserved families and communities

III. Engagement and Education
Deepening engagement and improving the PJ Library product and user experience

IV. Marketing, Technology, and Evaluation
Improving our understanding of what works with a new generation of Jewish families

A lead gift from the William Davidson Foundation of Detroit launched the PJ Library Alliance – now a group of 17 partners committed to the growth and future of PJ Library.

The PJ Library Alliance gathers bi-annually to socialize, share ideas, and engage in deep discussion around the PJ Library program, its current work, and its plans for the future. We have joined together in partners cities and choice locations such as Aspen, CO; Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; the PJ Library International Conference, and even made a recent stop at the West Wing of the White House for a special briefing on civic engagement and education.