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Happy 75th birthday, Israel!

April 25 to 26, 2023, will mark Israel’s 75th year as a modern state. That’s a big reason to celebrate, so we’ve created this hub to take you on a virtual voyage to Israel. Start your trip below with video tours, a story podcast, music, food, booklists, and activities. For parents, there’s a PJ Library deep dive into Israel’s map, tips for talking with your kids about Israel, and links to more great resources.

To start Israel’s birthday party off right, we mailed some gifts to PJ Library subscribers. Kids ages 3 and under received an Israel memory card game; on this page, look for the DIY templates so you can get creative and expand the game with more memory cards of your own.

Kids ages 4-8 got the Israel Trail family board game. Below you can find printable instructions to have handy if you need a rule refresher and additional downloadable game challenges that add even more excitement to the game for older kids.

Have fun and nesiya tova (have a great trip)!

Kiddo Learns About Israel podcast


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    Israel Trail Game
    About the Map of Israel

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    Israel Memory Game
    PJ Library Books About Israel

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    Historical Timeline of Israel

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    Kiddo Learns About Israel

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    Israel Music Playlist

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