Make Your Own Charoset Bar for Passover

We’ve partnered with Jennifer Stempel of for a series of special matzah-centric recipes that highlight our collaboration with Streit's Matzo. In the past few weeks we’ve tackled lunch a side dish, a delicious vegetarian main course as well as dessert. Today Jennifer gives us one last recipe-activity for your seder, a make your own charoset bar:

As a PJ Library Community Connector in Los Angeles, I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to facilitate really fun experiences for families like mine who live in my neighborhood. We’ve done everything from Shabbat in the Park, to what I like to call The Great Shabbat Schlepp (also known as a gorgeous Saturday morning hike). My 1-year-old son gets to interact with his new friends, and my husband and I get to make friends of our own as well.

Recently, I hosted a gathering for the parents of my cohort, where we had an expert break down everything we needed to know about choosing the right preschool for our family. At this Preschool:101, the parents chatted, compared notes, and noshed on creations from my Make Your Own Charoset bar.

Our guests loved mixing and matching flavors and textures to build their unique spin on this sweet Passover favorite. Although our event was hosted after our wee ones were fast asleep in bed, each of us commented that this would be a perfect activity for kids, too!

The Make Your Own Charoset activity is great because it lets each guest create a flavor combination suited to their palate while also taking into consideration individual dietary restrictions and preferences. 

As long as you choose components that are kosher for Passover, the sky is really the limit. I built my Make Your Own Charoset station with a variety of fresh and dried fruits, spices, nuts, and sweet liquids to bind everything together. This is an opportunity to get creative and have some fun with our great tradition, and one that may become a staple at my family’s seder.

Here's what to include at your Make Your Own Charoset Bar:

Fresh fruit:
    Chopped apples
          TIP: drizzle lemon juice to keep them from turning brown with air
    Pomegranate seeds
    Chopped pears
Dried fruit

    Red wine
    Grape juice
    Ground cinnamon

Try out themed variations by mixing up your fruits. I can imagine a tropical themed charoset bar with dried mangos, pineapple, and papaya. Or even an Asian-inspired charoset with lychees.  

What's your favorite way to make charoset? Tell us on Facebook.