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“Have I Got a Story For You!”

Produced by PJ Library, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library sends great, expertly-curated books to families raising Jewish children – every month, for free!  Learn more and sign up at pjlibrary.org.

Every episode of Have I Got a Story For You takes a classic Jewish folk tale and gives it a modern twist. You can explore episodes here and if you find one you really like, be sure to click on the episode page to find activities, book lists, and keep the fun going.


The People Vs. The Wind

The residents of Haverton are furious -- the wind is messing up all of their plans and ruining everyone's day! From lost balloons to spoiled cakes to popped kick balls, the townspeople want justice, and that's where Rita Toomey and Judge Solomon come in.

Al Learns About Shavuot

Rita Toomey's favorite holiday, Shavuot, is coming up -- but her trusty audio engineer Al, doesn't know much about it. While Rita and Al video chat, they make cheesecakes for Shavuot and talk about Rita's favorite traditions and customs. 

Al Learns the Four Questions

Rita Toomey is getting ready to host her first seder and Al, Have I Got a Story For You’s sound engineer is eager to say the four questions – but he’s not sure he knows them all. Rita calls on some friends from PJ Library to help Al get ready.

The Passover Pirate

Claire and Jamie open the door to welcome guests to their seder and Rita Toomey walks in – followed by a pirate! Find out what happens when a bearded scallywag leads the hunt for the afikomen.

Sweet-Town Rivals

Life is perfect for the candy-loving fairies of Sweet-Town! Well, except for the presence of a colony of stinky, mushroom-loving trolls at the edge of the neighborhood. Fairies and trolls have never gotten along – that’s just the way it is. But a young fairy Aviva wonders, why? And why can’t things change?