9 Must-Haves for a Child-Friendly Seder

A family during Passover

One of the things PJ Library parents often ask us is how to make the seder fun, or memorable, for their children. We reached out to educators, PJ Library staff, parents, and some hosts of the most epic seders we've been to and asked for their tips. Here are the nine must have items that came up again and again.

Looking for more Passover recipes, videos, book lists, and activities? Check out our Passover Guide. You can also browse all of the PJ Library Passover books here.


Passover Zucchini Eggplant Gratin

Here are some easy seder dishes and sides that are a snap to prepare and will please picky eaters. Older kids can even lend a hand making some of these.

Zucchini and Eggplant Gratin
Roasted Broccoli Florets with Garlic Matzah Crumble
Make Your Own Charoset Bar


What's a seder without songs? Use this playlist to help kids learn "Dayenu." You can also help little ones expend some energy with a pre-meal dance party or game of freeze dance. Stream Passover music through your seder with the JKids Radio app.


Kids playing with blocks Whether you’ve got paper wrapped shoe boxes, legos, or good old fashioned wood-blocks, keep some building implements on hand. Kids can reenact building the pyramids and keep hands busy while listening to the Passover story.


I Made it Myself Haggadah

image via My Haggadah Made It Myself

Your standard Haggadah may be overwhelming for younger attendees. Luckily some great children’s books also double as haggadot. You can also start a family tradition by making your own Haggadah together. Be sure to check out 5 Short & Sweet Kid-Friendly Haggadot to learn more.


Passover Question Catcher

Any kind of game that involves questions works wonderfully as a Passover tie-in. You can hide riddles or questions underneath placemats or involve all of your guests in a guessing game like this one. You can also download our Printable Passover Question Catcher to inspire conversations with children and adults.


Kids playing in tent with pillows

Use sheets or a tarp to make a “seascape” on the ground, let kids create their own settlement using tents and building blocks, or clear out the furniture and pile up pillows, leaning cushions, and even a few stuffed animals for little friends who may need a break.


Family reading story together

Use your PJ Library books and favorite Passover stories as ways to teach each other and ask questions. Big kids and younger children can pair off or kids and adults can pair off to read stories together and pick a favorite illustration to share at different points during the seder.


family playing with puppets

Everything is better with puppets! Act out parts of the story, practice counting, and gesticulate wildly. You can download our Printable Paper Passover Scene or make your own puppets.


Dad playing guitar with daughter

Work with a short script, put out some costumes, props, or dress up items, and be active during your seder. Let everyone--kids and grownups--get fully immersed in the story. You’ll create awesome memories and help your children remember details of the story too.

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