Purim for Kids

boy sitting on kitchen floor decorating mishloach manot for Purim
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Purim is a holiday that feels like it's made for families. Traditions include dressing up, sharing gift baskets or mishloach manot with friends, making noise by shaking groggers, and staying up late with your friends and community. People do tzedakah and also read the Book of Esther, or megillah, which shares the story of how the Jews of Persia were saved from annihilation.

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Purim is a holiday of joy. A great way to spread Purim joy is with mishloach manot, the yummy Purim practice of making and delivering gift baskets. This year, PJ Library is sending families a special gift... to give away! Watch the video below for a sneak peak at everything in the kit as well as how to put it together.

Ready to decorate and fill your baskets? Here are some helpful tips:
What Are Mishloach Manot?
How to Make a Purim Gift Basket
Printable Template for an Origami Mishloach Manot Basket

Boy decorates his PJ Library mishloach manot


NEW: Listen to a Family-Friendly Version of the Purim Story from PJ Library's Podcast, 
Have I Got a Story For You!

Although Purim is an amazing holiday to enjoy with kids, the story behind Purim isn’t exactly family-friendly. There's violence, betrayal, humiliation, and death--so how do parents share this story with kids? The link below shares resources, talking points, videos, and a link to a children's megillah

The Purim Story For Kids


The Purim Story via ShalomSesame


Making Hamantaschen via ShalomSesame


Go Esther! Purim in Four Minutes via BimBam




We love any excuse to snuggle up and read with our kids, and Purim is no exception. Here are some fantastic Purim bedtime, or anytime, books that you can read with your kids:

Cake and Miracles by Barbara Diamond Goldin

Hershel’s blindness doesn’t keep him from living life. He helps his mother by doing chores, but wishes he could do even more for her. When an angel appears in Hershel’s dream and encourages him to make what he sees when he closes his eyes, the boy snaks into the kitchen, transforming his mother's cookie dough into beautiful hamantaschen (three-cornered fruit-filled cookies) that can be sold to raise money for the family at Purim.

Goldie's Purim by Jane Breskin Zalben

Goldie looks forward to her synagogue’s spiel, or Purim play, all year long -- and this year, she’s been chosen to play Queen Esther! But as the moment nears, she’s gripped with terrible stage fright. How will she summon bravery? Esther’s story provides inspiration.

One, Two, Three Purim! by Naomi Shulman

Dressing in costume, baking hamantaschen, making noise -- it must be Purim! Getting ready for this holiday is as easy -- and fun -- as one, two, three.

Queen Esther Saves Her People by Rita Golden Gelman

Long, long ago a young Jewish woman named Esther was chosen to be the Queen of Persia. The king’s prime minister proceeds to scheme against the kingdom’s Jewish citizens. How will Esther find the courage to stand up for the rights of her people? This book is recommended for children ages eight and older.

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