Printable: Jewish Value A Day Activities

You don’t need to do tons of planning to share Jewish values and culture with your kids. You can “do Jewish” at home every day with one of these easy activities. You can print the list below to hang on your fridge and cross off during the last month of summer vacation. Or keep it on hand for easy and fast (or last minute) fun with your children.

value a day list

Make a suncatcher

Learn a new Hebrew word or phrase

Plan a get-together with friends

Support a local business

Plant something

Unplug and rest

Take an Imagination Vacation

Plan a family volunteer day

Make a tambouritza to play Ladino music

Help recover something that was lost

Practice your traveler’s blessing

Recommend a book to a friend

Make something yummy together

Look at the stars tonight

Have a dance party

Have a Shabbat picnic

Plan a roadtrip or a trip down the street

Go outside and play

Write a note or make a call to someone you haven’t seen in a while

Visit the library and try to fill out your Reading Bingo Card

Try Havdalah

Take a trip to the beach

Create something special

Talk about what you’re feeling thankful for

Get outside

Make a meal for someone else

Do something nice for someone in your neighborhood

Share a cool treat with a friend

Smell sweet spices for Havdalah

Make hummus and share it with a friend or neighbor

Plan a Friday game night with friends