Make a Suncatcher for Summer

Suncatcher Illustration

Celebrate sunny days and “harvest” the light with this suncatcher. Hang it in your window to share light, color, and your creativity with the world. While this activity can be done with children of varying ages, it’s best suited for kids ages 6 and up.

This Activity Works With These Books:

Cheesecake for Shavuot
Boker Tov
Good Night, Laila Tov



Paper plate
Transparent contact paper
Flowers and leaves

TIP: Go on a family nature walk to collect your flowers and leaves. If you don’t have a lot of green space nearby, you can also visit a local craft store or gardening center to buy some floral supplies of your own.


  1. Go outside and collect flowers and leaves.
  2. Cut out the center of a paper plate to create a circular frame.
  3. Cover the empty center with transparent contact paper, overlapping the frame by about ½ an inch.
  4. Stick your flowers and leaves on the contact paper.
  5. Hang your finished work in the window and let the sun shine in!

TIP:  You can also use colorful, torn pieces of tissue paper in this craft.


Books for Kids Who Love Being Outside