The Imagination Vacation

If a big trip is not in the cards this year, take an imagination vacation with your kids right from your living room. Check out these fun ideas for going on a make-believe trip with your kids. Aside from being fun, playing pretend helps your child exercise their learning, counting, memorization, and planning skills.

Decide on a Destination

Children looking at a map

The first step to planning any trip is deciding where to go. You can use your favorite picture books as a jumping off point, explore maps and atlases together, or play "pin the X on the map" (like pin the tail on the donkey) with a large wall map like this one. Need a place to start? Try our list of 10 Kid-Friendly Roadtrip Destinations

Pack Your Suitcase

Kids packing a suitcase

Ok, for a real trip, we all know that letting toddler pack would mean a suitcase full of stuffed animals and no clean underwear for anyone. For a pretend trip though? Have at it! Get out an extra suitcase, or just hand the kids a big reusable grocery bag and let them pack up. Have a conversation with your child about why they're picking each item and maybe turn the tables and let them "pack" for you too. 

Pick a Mode of Transportation

Father and son playing pretend together

Now that you know where you're going and you're all packed up, you need to figure out how you're getting there. Are you driving? Flying? Taking the train? Skateboarding? Traveling by imaginary dragon? Make tickets, set up your "transporation" and get ready to go. For fun pretend-play ideas, check out No Time for Flashcards.


family trying new food

You've arrived at your destination--it's time to discover the sights and sounds. To explore new cities, countries, and cultures, right from your own home, you can try new foods, look at pictures, or take a local visit to a shop, restaurant, or museum to learn more. 

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