5 Cool Treats to Make With Your Kids

Whether you’re dealing with hot and humid weather, the dry heat of the desert, or a cool, balmy, rainy day, hitting the summer months on the calendar means it’s time for cool treats like ice cream, sorbet, and lemonade. Even if you’re not dealing with scorching hot triple digit temperatures or off the charts humidity, when the calendar flips to June, something in our brain also flips and says: “it’s time for bare feet, barbecues, and ice cream!”

Friends enjoying ice cream and popsicles

Since we know PJ Library families love to cook together, here are some simple, not too sugary, recipes that you can make together. Make a special summer “Shabbat-treat,” during a get-together with friends, or stash away some “nice cream” for an early breakfast before summer camp.

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No ice cream maker? No problem! All you need to create your very own ice cream are a few ingredients, a bowl of ice, and some kid-power.


Layered Nice Cream

Looking for a dairy-free treat or something without all the sugar of traditional store-bought ice cream? Try "nice cream" a frozen-banana based dessert. Enlist kids to help with peeling and chopping (or breaking apart) bananas. Let them customize your nice creams by adding frozen fruits of their choice or topping the dessert (or breakfast) with dry cereal, granola, or chia seeds.


Who knew making sorbet could be so simple? With only two ingredients and a food processor, or blender, you’ll have a dairy-free, fruity, cool treat ready to share with your family.


Making ice cream cups for Shabbat

Ok, we’ll level with you – this is the only blatantly sugary, dessert-y, treat on this list. These are soo, soo much fun to make and kids (and grownups) of all ages can help too. You’ll need three containers of your favorite frozen confections, slightly thawed, some toppings, and muffin tins. Line the muffin tins and then use tablespoons to layer the ice creams on top of each other and top with your favorite goodies. Put the tin in the freezer until everything is frozen and you have a special, layered, and pretty dessert.


Children drinking homemade lemonade

Getting kids to stay hydrated on hot days can be really tricky, so have the kids help you make some pitchers of fruit infused water along with some fancy ice cubes. Cut up your favorite fruits, or veggies like cucumbers, add some herbs, and drop everything in to a big pitcher of water. For ice cubes, drop a berry or an edible flower into each section of the tray, top with water, and freeze. Looking for some ideas? Try this list.

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