How to Make an Easy Sukkah Decoration That Doubles as a Bird Feeder

Do you have some stale cereal in your cupboard? Don’t toss it! Turn your leftover unsweetened cereal into a sukkah decoration or a simple bird feeder.

This Activity Works With These Books:


  • O-Shaped Cereal
  • Pipe cleaners or chenille stems

TIP: If you’re making a sukkah decoration, just about any round cereal will do. But if you want to make an edible decoration that birds can enjoy, make sure to use unsweetened, unflavored (so no “honey nut”), cereals.


  • Make a knot at one end of a pipe cleaner, then string the cereal onto it.
  • Fasten the two ends together into a loop, then loop another pipe cleaner around it as a holder.
  • Hang up your decoration


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