How to Make a Train Garland For Sukkot

Welcome Train Garland Illustration

The weeklong holiday of Sukkot is a time to express gratitude for the autumn harvest. It’s traditional to build a sukkah (“sukkot” is the plural of sukkah), a makeshift hut in the spirit of our nomadic forebears who wandered in the desert. The sukkah also reminds us of ancient days when people slept in huts in the fields while harvesting their crops. A sukkah always has an opening on one side, to welcome in guests. Families decorate their sukkah to make the celebration more exciting and to make guests feel even more special. You can decorate your sukkah with just about anything—if you have a little train enthusiast at home, make this garland. It’s great for your sukkah or to save for a bedroom or birthday party.


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Craft paper
Glue or tape


Train Garland Train and Car Cut Out and Threaded

  1. Draw a train engine and cut it out.
  2. For each train car cut one rectangle and decorate to add windows or trim for roofing.
  3. Consider making the train long enough to write out a word, with one letter on each car.
  4. Draw and cut out wheels—two for the engine and each car.
  5. Glue or tape wheels to the engine and cars.
  6. Glue or tape the engine to one end of the yarn, then attach each car behind it, leaving a little space between each one.
  7. Display your train!


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