8 Hanukkah Recipes To Cook With Your Kids

So you’ve tried every latke recipe out there, perfected your jelly donuts or sufganiyot, and are a master of un-fried delights. Now you’re wondering: what should we make this year? Well, have no fear--here are eight, that’s one for each night of Hanukkah, new-to-you recipes to try out this year. The best part? These are all easy-peasy and can even be made by kids with just a touch of help from a parent. So grab your mixing bowls, preheat the oven, turn on a Hanukkah special, and make something special to enjoy by the light of the candles.

PIZZA BIANCA via Kosher.com

via Kosher.com

Shake up your pizza routine with this cheesey white pizza, full of delicious herbs. Children can assist grownups with rolling out the dough and with mixing the ricotta and herbs together. The best part of this dish? It will be on your table, ready to eat, in less than 30 minutes.

CARROT-PARSNIP LATKES via weelicious.com

via weelicious.com

These brightly colored latkes are fun to look at and tasty to eat. The best part? You’ll be giving your kids a hearty boost of nutrition in every bite. For another fun take on veggie-filled latkes, make our Hidden Veggie Latkes.

ONION RINGS via Kosher.com

via Kosher.com

Who doesn’t love onion rings--especially when they’re paired with brisket, right? This fast and convenient recipe is the only one on the list that needs a little bit more help from a parent because of the frying oil and the chopping. There’s still plenty for your little sous-chefs to do though, especially when it comes time to coat the onions with batter.

GLITTER BALL COOKIES via MarthaStewart.com

via Martha Stewart

This cute recipe is really easy to make and you can cut your cook-time even shorter by using pre-made sugar cookie dough. Kids will have a blast rolling and decorating the little cookies with sparkly sugar bits. Mix these in with the stained glass cookie recipe sent out with PJ’s Hanukkah books for a really festive dessert tray to share with family and friends.


via Kosher.com

Does your family usually order Chinese food on Christmas day and hit the movies? Take inspiration from this contemporary Jewish tradition by making this “undone egg roll.” This flavorful recipe is a fast dish to prepare--perfect for impatient and hungry bellies or a quick after-work dinner.

PB&J DREIDELS  via Forks & Beans

via Fork & Beans

Turn your favorite nut or school-safe butter and jelly sandwiches into edible dreidels with the help of a cookie cutter, a well-placed pretzel stick, and a strawberry letter.


via Kosher.com

If you have toddlers at home, you know that bread is the way to their picky little hearts. These quick and easy breadsticks are a snap to make and feature a fun dipping sauce. Older kids can make most of this simple recipe on their own as well with just a tiny bit of oversight from a grownup helper.


via Kosher.com

These incredible pancakes have the familiar texture and taste of a traditional cheese pancake,  but without the dairy! A great parve treat to add to your weekend brunch or “Shabba-nukkah” menu. 

Looking for more Hanukkah recipes? Try these tasty, kid-approved recipes, or download one of this year’s recipe or activity cards. Don’t forget to share your foodie photos and memories with us on social media using #pjlibrary.