Hanukkah Videos and Movies to Watch Together

Looking for something fun and Hanukkah related to watch during your family movie night? Check out these videos!

A Rugrats Chanukah

If you were a kid in the 90's (or just a kid at heart), you likely spent a lot of Friday nights or slumber parties watching cartoons on Nickelodeon. Now you can revel in your own nostalgia while sharing the magic of Tommy Pickles and his pals with your own kids.
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The Chanukah Shaboom! Special

Can the Plony family get the house ready in time for their Chanukah party? Looks like they are in need of a Chanukah miracle. Watch this special Chanukah episode to see how Gabi and Rafi fix the world, one Chanukah party at a time.
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Shalom Sesame: The Missing Menorah

The Shalom Sesame gang learns all about Hanukkah and tries to solve the mystery of Avigail's missing menorah. You can see all of Shalom Sesame's Hanukkah videos here or grab the full episode on one of the services linked below.
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Peg + Cat: The Hanukkah Problem

Peg and Cat's friend Al (Albert Einstein) invites them over for Hanukkah. There's singing, dancing, counting, and a lot of science. PBS Kids does a great job representing Hanukkah with their holiday specials. You can also find Hanukkah episodes of Super Why and Arthur. We're trying to track down the elusive episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood that features Hanukkah, Winter Magic. Parents (and the internet) tell us it exists, let us know if you've seen it somewhere. You can also buy a full playlist of PBS Kids' Hanukkah episodes on iTunes.
Available on: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon

Clifford's Puppy Days: The Big, Big Present/Hanukkah Plunder Blunder

Both mini episodes focus on Hanukkah and the traditions associated with it. When Clifford the puppy and his kitten pals break Mr. Solomon's menorah, they also learn a valuable lesson about telling the truth. 

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Grownups and teens can check out The Goldberg's Hanukkah special, A Christmas Story. In this episode from season three, mom Beverly goes overboard trying to match her Hanukkah festivities with the neighbor's Christmas celebrations. A heart to heart with "Pops" helps the entire family connect with and celebrate Hanukkah properly.

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