10 Simple Summer Activities for Kids

When school ends and summer break begins, many families find their schedules filling up quickly with activity after activity to keep the kids busy. After a while, all of those summer extracurricuclars can start to add up. Here are ten easy, every day, and totally free activities you can do as a family in those quiet moments between camp, traveling, or catching up on your summer reading: The best part about this list? All of these activities will help develop your family's sense of hakarat hatov, recognizing the good.

Go on a Play Date Outside

Children Sitting in Grass

Meet up at a local park or garden. Set a summer goal to visit every playground in your neighborhood or city by the end of the summer.

Have a Water Fight

Girl Running Through Rain

Fill up some buckets, grab some spray bottles or squirt guns, and get ready to splash, splash, splash! The best part about a water fight? On a hot day, everyone wins!

Build a Fort in the Backyard with Family or Friends

Girl in Backyard Fort

Or, if you don't have a backyard, head to the living room and make one.

Ride Bikes

Adult and Child Bike Riding

You'll get some exercise and get to take a tour of your neighborhood. 

Play Outdoor Games Like Tag or Hide-and-seek

Adult Looking Around Tree at Child

Need some ideas? Here are seven outdoor activities that also keep kids sharp between school terms.

Climb Trees

Kids in Trees

Or spread out a blanket and lay in the shade. Don't forget your copy of Thank You, Trees.

Make Mud Pies or Sand Castles

Kids Playing in Mud

Or dig in the garden  -- just go ahead and get your hands dirty.

Pick Flowers

Girl Picking Flowers

Make a pretty bouquet for your Shabbat table!

Eat Ice Cream 

Kids eating Ice Cream

Or try making one of these cool treats.

Blow Bubbles

Family Blowing Bubbles

No matter what age you are, blowing bubbles is always fun. See who can make the biggest one.


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