Tips for Transitioning to Summer Vacation

Little boy enjoying summer popsicle

Many children will be saying "Shalom Chaverim" or "bye friends!" to their school pals this month, and saying hello to the fun summer days of play. Here are some ways to jump into summer fun while avoiding the "summer slide," as it's called. With these fun tips your kids can easily transition in and out of summer vacation, keep in touch with their buddies, and maintain all of the hard work and learning they did over the school year.

Talk it Out

Parent and child talking while fishing

The switch from the school-day routine to the laid back summer days can be tough for some kids - as can saying goodbye to friends and beloved teachers. Don't shy away from having honest discussions with your kids--remind them that they can keep in touch with their school pals through calls, play dates, FaceTime, or good old fashioned letters, and remind them that school will start up again in a few weeks.

Make Plans Together

Kids pointing to a map while their family is on vacation

A good way to foster a positive feelings toward the coming summer months is to permit the child to take an active role in the plan-making. Let your kids weigh in on your summer travel destinations, play pretend together, and let them help pick activities and outtings to do together, too.

Keep Learning

Children exploring

Summer trips and outtings are great opportunities to keep your little ones learning. Explore, talk, and play together. On rainy or too hot days hit up your local library or children's museum. Grab some new-to-you books from the library, bring your PJ books to the beach, and read, read, read. Be sure to check out our favorite summer reading tips.

Maintain Existing Friendships

Children hugging

Just because your child isn’t seeing his or her friends each day doesn’t mean they must go completely without contact. The value of dibbuk chaverim, attachment to friends, can be expressed during the summer months through a letter, an e-mail, play dates, and get togethers.

Consider Camp

Kids playing tug of war at camp

Camp is awesome! Your kids can accomplish everything on the list above - maintaining friendships, learning, sticking with a routine, and having fun at day or sleep away camp. Looking for books about camp? Our book list has recommendations for kids of all ages — and grownups too.

However you family transitions into summer, we wish you a relaxing and fulfilling season of warm weather and colorful books!

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