5 Ways to Celebrate Tu B’Av

The Hebrew month of Av is approaching and that means one thing: Tu B’Av is almost here. This minor holiday is a perfect excuse to celebrate love in its many forms and share a little joy with those around you. Share the love on Tu B'Av in lots of different ways with these five adorable activities:

Make Your Own Happy Box

Everyone feels scared or down sometimes, and needs to be reminded of the love around them. Collect objects of love, whether it's a picture of someone who loves you very much, a special toy, or something that brings back a happy memory. Put together a Happy Box to open whenever you need some comfort.

Send Special “Snail-Mail"

Send a little something to someone you love who’s far away. Try this pop-up card tutorial! Home-made cards are fun to make, plus using recycled materials shows your love for the earth!

Learn About Israel

Show love for Israel by learning about Israeli culture and traditions. Tu B’Av is an ancient holiday that was revived in modern-day Israel as a Chag Ha’Ahavah, a Holiday of Love. We have Israel to thank for creating new traditions for this minor holiday.

Wear White and Dance Under the Moon!

In Israel, it is custom for young women to wear white and dance together, however this can be fun for the whole family! Dancing together is a great way to connect together with giggles and love.

Make an Edible Moon Chart

Every Jewish holiday is a great way to learn about the Jewish Lunar calendar, which is based on the moon’s cycle. Tu B’Av occurs on the 15th day of the month of Av, when the moon is full.


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