Let's Talk About Love

Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, the holiday provides an opportunity to talk about love and why it’s worth showing love, in small or big ways, throughout the year.
In a recent blog post, Rabbi Linda Potemkin writes: “The variety of commandments on how to treat and care for one another suggest that every day has the potential to become a mini Valentine’s Day, offering numerous opportunities to bestow chesed, loving-kindness, upon beloveds, friends, acquaintances and even strangers.”
We show love when we’re being a good listener, visiting the sick, being a good friend, honoring our elders, participating in tikkun olam, starting a tzedakah practice, and yes, reading stories together.
With Rabbi Linda’s words in mind, here are three ways that you can use your PJ Library books to spread a little love - today or any day:
1.Connect with a loved one who lives far away
Use Skype or Facetime to arrange a video-chat story time session.
2.Donate your old books
Take books that are still in good condition and donate them to a community center, charity shop, book drive, children’s hospital, or domestic violence shelter.
3.Book swap
Gather a few friends (and maybe friends of friends), put out some coffee and swap away. Encourage parents to bring some books for grownups as well.

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