Let’s Visit Israel!

Israel skyline

Never been to Israel? Eyn ba'aya, no problem. Meet other Jewish kids and their families, learn about special foods and snacks, and explore the sights and sounds of Israel with this video round-up.

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Tour Jerusalem With Shalom Sesame

Jerusalem holds so much history for many people, and it's also the home to children much like yours. What better way to experience Jerusalem from your living room with your kids than this sweet video of Shalom Sesame where Grover visits his friend Talia in Jerusalem?


Shalom Sesame: Sneak Peek: Adventures in Israel


This episode offers an adorable tour of Jerusalem with Grover and Talia as they ride around on a double-decker bus and get off at the Old City. They hear people praying at the Kotel and drive by the Knesset. They visit the shuk where Grover learns about special fruits local to the Jerusalem region, and gets a whiff of the wonderful spices and baked goods like, you guessed it, challah! Want more Israeli food ideas? Check out this roundup of snacks that kids will love.

Hebrew Word of the Day, Shalom

Want to know an interesting fact about Israel? Everybody says shalom -- a little word that means so many things. Learn more about the word Shalom and meet some chickens in one of the most popular PJ Library Hebrew Word of the Day videos.


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Grab Hummus With Israeli Kids

Yovel and his sister Heleni are off to the shuk to buy their favorite hummus—a special variety made just for Shabbat. Follow along as they take the bus, find the stall, and enjoy some falafel.

Have it with Hummus-Yovel and Helen's Trip to the Shuk from PJ Our Way on Vimeo.

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An Archeological tour of an Ancient Israeli City

How would your kids like to float over Israel with a bunch of helium balloons? Probably not the most practical mode of transportation, but it suits Grover just fine in this episode of Shalom Sesame. When we think of Israel, we think of high-tech and modernization as well as the ancient world. This episode is an excellent video to share with your kids who love science, (also share this book list to inspire curious kids) as Grover and his friends go on an archeological dig in the ancient Roman city of Caesarea. For more videos from Shalom Sesame on Israel, visit their complete playlist.

PJ Library Virtual Tour of Israel

Last but not least, you must experience our in-house produced series: An Adventure in Israel.

Created during the first summer of the pandemic, PJ Library and friends take viewers to Jerusalem for a unique and interactive trip. Tour guide Jonty Blackman and friends explore both the old and new city including stops at Jaffa Gate, the Knesset, the City of David and the world-famous Machane.

Trip to Israel Opportunities

If these videos have inspired you to explore your Jewish faith, history, culture, food and more in person, there may be opportunities to receive grants for your travel expenses. Contact your local Jewish Federation for more information.