5 Kid-Friendly Versions of the Purim Story

While Purim celebrations are joyful and, overall, kid-friendly, the full Purim story includes some themes and scenes that aren't appropriate for all ages. Luckily, grown-ups can introduce children to five, appropriate for most ages, versions of the Purim story in a variety of media formats with the list below.

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The Purim Story For Kids via PJ Library's Podcast, Have I Got A Story For You!

Queen Vashti just wants to take a break from entertaining for a night, but King Ahashverosh never wants the party to stop. After Vashti puts her foot down, the king exiles her and begins a search for a new partner in party planning -- but his not-so-best friend Haman has other ideas. 

Esther Didn't Dream of Being Queen by Allison Ofanansky

Recommended for ages 6 to 8

The story of Purim has many elements of a fairy tale -- a beautiful queen, a dastardly villain, and of course, a satisfying ending. But Esther doesn't love dressing up and being the center of attention -- she's not interested in playing the Cinderella role. How will she muster the will to do what needs to be done?. 

The Story of Queen Esther by Jenny Koralek

Recommended for ages 8 and up

The king may have married Queen Esther because she was beautiful -- but she was smart and brave, too, which is why she was able to save her people.

The Purim Story As Told By Kindergarteners via Lander Grinspoon Academy

What exactly happens in the Purim story? Listen in as the very wise (and very cute) students of Lander Grinspoon Academy recount the megillah in their own words.

The Purim Story in Four Minutes via BimBam

Can you tell the Purim story in four minutes? You sure can with BimBam's jump roping, rapping, Princess of Persia.


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