The Purim Story for Kids

Purim is a holiday marked by joyous activities. We dress up in our favorite costumes, share gifts of food with friends, give charity to those in need, have a festive meal with family and friends, and read a story (PJ Library’s favorite activity) – specifically, the story of Queen Esther – together.

The story behind Purim isn’t exactly family-friendly though; some not-so-friendly highlights (more like lowlights) include Queen Vashti (Queen Esther’s predecessor) being humiliated by her husband, a murder plot against the king, the evil Haman conspiring to wipe out the entire Jewish people, and the Jews taking revenge by hanging Haman and all of his sons. Yikes.

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So how then, on a holiday otherwise perfectly suited to kids, do we share the story of Purim? Here are a few ideas:

Keep Things Simple

Feel free to summarize the story of Purim, especially for younger children. On Purim we celebrate the bravery of Queen Esther, a very smart Jewish woman who was married to a king, Ahashverosh. When Esther learned that Haman, who worked for the king, was plotting against the Jews, she summoned the courage to tell the king about Haman's evil plan and saved her people.

Focus on the Values

The Purim story helps kids learn about courage, bravery, and standing up for what's right. Your kids can grasp the themes of the story, without knowing the gory details. Here are some questions to kickstart conversations:

  • Who is a hero?
  • What does it mean to be brave?
  • When was a time that you felt brave?

Watch a Video


There are some fantastic videos online that capture the Purim story in a way that kids can digest. The video above is great for younger kids. Older children, and grownups, will get a kick out of this take on the story from BimBam.


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