Make and Shake a Grogger For Purim

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Purim, the holiday that celebrates the bravery of Queen Esther, is almost here! Planning festivities, thinking about what costume to wear, and making hamantaschen (triangular filled cookies) and noisemakers called groggers (gaggers in some countries) are great ways to get in the spirit.

So what’s a grogger, and why do you need one? One of the commandments of Purim is listening to the Purim story. During purimspiels, lively play versions of the Purim story, audience members yell “boo!” and shake groggers to drown out the name of Haman, the villain.

This is an image of a plastic cup grogger with fun designs on it.

During Purim, many kids are “full of beans” — full of energy, in British slang. Why not make a grogger for Purim that is literally full of beans? Follow the simple instructions below to make your own.


  • Two disposable cups
  • Dried beans/peas
  • Tape
  • Markers or stickers for further decoration


  • Fill 1/3 of the first cup with beans
  • Holding the second cup upside down, tape it to the top of the first
  • Decorate the cups with markers and stickers
  • Decorate the outside of the bird feeder however you like.
  • Make lots of noise!


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