Super Easy Hamantaschen Recipes to Make With Kids

Purim is here--that means costumes, giving to charity, sending gifts to friends, and, hamantaschen! If you've never made them before, hamantaschen are triangular cookies that are traditionally eaten on Purim. These treats are usually filled with jams, poppy seeds, or, in modern interpretations, chocolate hazelnut spread.

Don't be intimidated by making filled cookies, the recipes below feature no-fail hamantaschen hacks and semi-homemade secrets.

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Working Mom's Hamantaschen

This is the first recipe that popped up when we searched for the easiest hamantaschen recipes on the internet. The secret? A box of yellow cake mix. The entire recipe involves only five ingredients and is ready in 30 minutes--an easy, last minute treat to make, just in case you forget that you volunteered to bake for your community's Purim carnival. 

The Easiest Hamantashen Recipe on the Internet 

Is it the easiest recipe on the internet? You be the judge--but you will be a hit with this from scratch dough. Another tip from the My Jewish Boston bloggers? Try using premade cookie or pie crust dough for "slacker hamantaschen"--just double check that the brand you purchase is kosher.

Easy No Fuss Hamantaschen 

The author promises that this from scratch recipe is actually easier than any semi-homemade shortcut using pizza dough, cookie dough, or pie crust, she's tried.


Here are more tips plus a few recipe lists:

Easy Egg and Dairy-Free Hamantaschen 
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