Holiday Programming Webinars

PJ LIBRARY PROGRAM PROFESSIONALS, Jewish educators, and other teachers and Jewish professionals can always use new ideas pertaining to Jewish holiday program for children. The webinars below aim to provide such ideas, using PJ Library Books as the impetus for discussions, activities, and lessons relating to Jewish holidays.

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Creative Havdalah Programming

To help you plan engaging and meaningful Havadalah family programming we've designed a webinar that presents various program format options, weaving together Havdalah with PJ Library books and value-related activities. In this session, we examine two specific PJ Library books:

Rosh Hashanah

Peeking Ahead to a New Beginning

This session takes a look at creating meaningful Rosh Hashanah programs. We consider:

We'll discuss designing a creative family program based on this book and DVD, exploring the value of "being the best you can be."


Sukkot Family Programming

This session weaves together PJ Library books and family activities with Sukkot-related values: Welcoming Guests, Harvest and Gratitude, Appreciating Diversity, and Hiddur Mitzvah.


Hows, Whys, and Whats of Hanukkah Programming

In this session, we examine three books children under 3 years:

We examine the values embedded in the holiday of Hanukkah, strategies for designing programs for children age 3 and younger, and discussing hints and guidelines for designing effective holiday-based games, cooking, art, movement, dramatic arts, and music activities.

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Tu B'Shevat

Planting and Nurturing Jewish Values for Tu B'Shevat

In this session, we examine the two PJ Library books:

We uncover the values of Hoda'ah (Thankfulness) and Tikkun Olam in the books and consider that they reflect the values of the holiday of Tu B'Shevat. We also discuss hints and guidelines for designing family programming that nurtures Jewish values in the home.


Hamantaschen Costumes & Community

Using PJ Library books to "unmask" the hidden values of Purim, this session examines three books:

We explore the values of community, helping others through sending mishloach manot and giving tzedakah and the ability of "one person to make a difference." We will look at the customs and practices underlying the themes of Purim and discuss possible goals of a Purim-related program.

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Passover Potpourri

"Passover Potpourri" is a discussion of Passover games, activities, and craft projects. This webinar explores programming that features ways of using PJ Library books. We look at three specific books:

These books can be used to enrich families' understanding of the Exodus story and its related Passover themes, values, and customs.

A major focus of this webinar is "Passover Take-Home Materials." Specifically, we will consider materials that can be sent home with families, enabling them to add meaning, joy, and richness to their Passover home seders and celebrations.

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Yom Ha'atzmaut

Investigating Israel

In preparation for Israel's Independence (Yom Ha'atzmaut), we explore the value of Ahavat Israel (loving Israel). We consider two PJ books:

We clarify what we want young children and their families to understand about Israel and how we can make Israel come alive for the young ones.

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