Why Do You Give?

Arnold Penner

I think the best way for Judaism to survive is by investing in our future. We live in a spectacular world that has been harmed by hatred and ignorance, and I find it so wonderful that we, the Jewish people, keep going despite adversity. PJ Library reinforces the idea that a kid can enjoy Judaism and feel proud to be Jewish, and I’m so glad that my wife Mimi and I can share that with our grandchildren.

When our children and grandchildren visit us on the weekends, we spend a lot of that time reading together. I love to read, and our grandchildren are now old enough that when we share information with them, they can internalize it. Mimi and I enjoy sharing the experience of reading PJ Library books with our grandchildren and helping them gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be Jewish today.

Reading together inspires our grandkids to cherish Jewish values throughout their entire lives. They are growing up in the Jewish community with PJ Library books and a Jewish education. As a grandparent who did not have the experience of a rich Jewish education, I like reading PJ Library books with my grandchildren because they teach me so much too. PJ Library is one of our grandchildren’s greatest teachers, and we are proud to help support sending them books about what it means to be Jewish.

Arnold Penner
New York, New York

Rick and Ann Tavan

We give to PJ Library because it embodies so many of our own values: reading, education, turning children into menschen, perpetuating Judaism, pluralism among streams, coexistence with other faiths, and tolerance of differences. And PJ Library does it in partnership with organizations around the world, leveraging its philanthropy through volunteers and donors in each locality. PJ Library learns from its partners and beneficiaries, adapting to changing needs and abilities. If the entire world worked like PJ Library, it would certainly be a better place. Giving is an investment in the future of our children and grandchildren that we can make today. We are delighted to make that commitment.

Rick and Ann Tavan
Saratoga & Truckee, California

Tony, Pam and Children

We give to support our grandchildren, pictured here with their parents.

We support PJ Library because we value Jewish community and the Jewish future. As grandparents, we are moved by the impact we see in our own family and the accolades that we hear from other grandparents. PJ Library books, like Maddi’s Fridge and Snow in Jerusalem, promote values that are important to us, such as food justice and recognizing individual differences. PJ Library also helps build community by reaching and engaging families that otherwise would not be part of their local communities. We are proud to support PJ Library through the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

Tony and Pam Schneider
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania