About PJ Library

Stories That Create Connection

PJ Library sends free, high-quality Jewish children’s books to families every month. These stories spark conversations that inspire the whole family to explore and celebrate what they love about Jewish life. The program was created by the non-profit Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF), in keeping with its mission to help people connect to Jewish values, traditions, and culture, while building vibrant Jewish communities. The HGF partners with local Jewish organizations to fund PJ Library and make it available in their community.

Stories That Travel the World

PJ Library programs are now offered in more than 35 countries. That’s over seven million children’s books a year, being enjoyed by families around the globe. But PJ Library doesn’t just send books — it helps families to connect, experience, and strengthen Jewish community. See our international directory for information about PJ Library programs in other parts of the world.

Our Global Impact

Who Is It For?

PJ Library’s educators and experts curate the best Jewish books to match each developmental stage of a child’s journey from infancy to independent reader.

In North America, our team selects an age-appropriate board book, picture book, or early chapter book every month for kids ages 0-8, while older readers ages 9-12 get to choose their own middle-grade book each month from a selection of fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels.

We’re proud to be part of a diverse global Jewish community, and we love connecting families who live and celebrate in so many different ways.

Strengthening your children’s connection to Jewish values, traditions, and celebrations can be as easy as adding PJ Library storybooks to your family’s reading time. If this sounds like it may be for you, we invite you to sign up for a free subscription.

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Supporting Jewish Family Life

In addition to the books for subscribers, PJ Library has something for everyone everywhere, in our always-growing collection of online offerings. That’s where we share free holiday guides, activity ideas, recipes, music, podcasts, and a LOT more to make Jewish family experiences even more accessible.

Through social media and our network of international programs, we’re also helping families and communities around the world to connect, virtually and in person, and expanding opportunities to share Jewish ideas, events, and celebrations.

Recipes, Activities, and More!

Generosity Makes It Possible

The high-quality books and vast resources we offer are free for families — but of course they aren’t free. Sourcing, creating, developing, and distributing great content costs money. PJ Library continues to inspire Jewish connection and celebration thanks to donors at all levels of support.

So much of our support comes in the form of small gifts that mean the world to us. Learn about all the ways you can give to PJ Library and help create a bright Jewish future.


A Home for Authors

Our book lineup contains a mix of well-known classics and exciting new works. PJ Library partners with new and experienced authors to amplify the diversity of Jewish voices and bring more great stories into the canon of Jewish children's literature. A growing number of books from PJ Library’s programs around the world are being translated so that more families can read Jewish stories in their native language. When we find unpublished material we love, we can bring it to life through PJ Publishing, which has become a destination for creators in the world of Jewish children’s literature. Visit our authors’ page to find out what we’re looking for, what incentives we offer, and how to submit your manuscript or published book.

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