Why Do You Give?

My favourite PJ Library book, My Grandfather’s Coat, is a beautiful story that teaches us about reusing and recycling items, as well as about family and how we develop and pass on our knowledge and love. It was also my first PJ Library book, and it got me hooked!

As a convert to Judaism, the books are very helpful as I raise my children. They act as tools for me to teach them, but also help me learn family songs and traditions that I did not learn as a child myself. The books are so accessible and engaging, and we all enjoy the monthly arrivals. From this personal perspective, it is a great pleasure to donate to PJ Library and the amazing impact it has.

However, giving for me is much more than just money, and it was obvious that within my own community other people could benefit from signing up for PJ Library. The books are a wonderful way of bringing Judaism into the home, regardless of observance level, and I think it is a vital ingredient to a vibrant community. Many of our friends are not as engaged, and I felt that they would really enjoy the books, so I hosted a parent event at my home to help spread the word. After the amazing feedback, we now also use the books as part of our Shabbat children’s service, and PJ Library storytellers are regular attendees at our community events.

As a strong advocate for PJ Library, I was delighted to be invited to join the UK Advisory Board to support the UK team to expand and grow their work. This active involvement is so important to me, and I hope that my professional business skills can help PJ Library grow and reach more of the Jewish community across the whole of the UK.

Libby Dangoor
Member of the PJ Library in the UK Advisory Board
PJ Library Parent and Donor

Education and community are core to our giving, and PJ Library brings these elements together in such an accessible and family-oriented way that we were happy to support it. As PJ Library grandparents, we enjoy reading the books to our seven grandchildren, and we are sure that we will continue to benefit from them as they all grow up!

David and Judy Dangoor
Exilarch’s Foundation
Libby Dangoor’s Parents-in-Law

Our family is proud to support PJ Library through the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation. The Foundation’s focus on supporting children and families is particularly relevant in the Jewish community, where early intervention often leads to children developing strong Jewish identities, and an overall more vibrant Jewish community. PJ Library not only provides books and materials to young Jewish families, it helps establish and nurture the Jewish identities of future generations, which is critical to our success. Our family is a sustainer of PJ Library in Detroit, not only as donors but also as individual recipients who use these materials in our own homes. We are thrilled with the impact of PJ Library’s work on our lives and those in our community.

Jane Sherman and David Sherman
Detroit, Michigan

As longtime supporters of the Charlotte Jewish community, we were attracted to PJ Library’s mission and were eager and excited to bring PJ Library to the greater Charlotte area. Now in its seventh year in Charlotte, PJ Library – along with the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte – helps our Jewish community thrive into the future. In addition to Jewish causes, our philanthropic focus has been around early childhood development and education. Supporting PJ Library perfectly aligns with our Jewish and civic values – while tapping into the bedtime routine, which is a virtually sacred time in the development of any healthy child-centered environment, PJ Library provides a well-defined and strategic way to reach and engage a new generation of families in Jewish life. We are proud and honored to play a part in this impactful endeavor.

Brad and Liz Winer
Charlotte, North Carolina

We first heard about PJ Library when our grandchildren were two and four. It sounded like the perfect program as they loved books, and we were always searching for books to read to them. However, upon signing up we discovered there was a waiting list. Originally, our concern was to make sure our grandchildren would be able to participate. But the more we learned about the program, the more we wanted to ensure that PJ Library was always available to the whole community.

PJ Library is so important to the Sacramento community. It is a bridge to unaffiliated families and a creative way to assist parents and grandparents who are working to instill Jewish values and traditions in the future generation. We are very thankful to Rikki and now Shelly for the work they do with this program and of course to Willie Recht, our Federation Director, for making this a priority too. We have established an ongoing PJ Library endowment with the Federation to ensure that PJ Library continues in the greater Sacramento community when we are no longer able to contribute in our lifetime.

Richard Robinson and Marjorie Swartz
Sacramento, California

Why do we give?  How could we not once we have seen the impact, the reverberation, and the connection made throughout the entire Jewish world? PJ Library brings light (and smiles) to children around the world. It is our privilege to support this brilliant idea and the wonderful people of the PJ Library team and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation who make it happen.

Barry and Gay Curtiss-Lusher
Tucson, Arizona