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Flat-Packed, Lightweight, and Shaping the Way Families Practice Judaism:

How PJ Library Builds Onto the Book Experience

Twice a year, PJ Library sends children and their families a surprise activity with their books. These special resources give families a new way to create and connect with Jewish traditions and holidays through play and exploration. Developing these activities is one of the most challenging (and fun!) parts of PJ Library’s work, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

In-the-envelope activities must meet our high standards for the engaging Jewish content we share with families and fit the realities of mailing more than 200,000 books every month. That means activities must be:

1. Relevant to all PJ Library families, both parents and children of varying ages.

2. Small, at no more than 8x8 inches, so they can fit with any size PJ Library book.

3. Flat – less than 1/8 of an inch thick to be exact. Any thicker, and the envelopes would ship as parcels, and postage for hundreds of thousands of books really adds up!

4. Flexible, so the package doesn’t jam going through postal sorting machines.

Take, for example, the Passover River Ride, sent to all families in March 2019. The package is 8x8 in the envelope, but unfold the panels and you’ll find a large poster that brings the Passover story to life – there are even tear-off game pieces!

If you could reach hundreds of thousands of families, while following the rules above, what would you send?