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PJ Our Way


Music Was It by Susan Goldman Rubin

We hope this biography of Leonard Bernstein’s younger years (before he became famous) will inspire kids as they learn about his sheer determination and single-minded dedication to his musical career.

“I liked this book because it was very informative and it was easy to read. I think my dad would like it, and my music teacher would like it too.”


My Basmati Bat Mitzvah by Paula Freedman

Eleven-year-old Tara Feinstein struggles with her identity as a Jewish-Indian-American with a Christian best friend. With a bit of guidance from her Rabbi and supportive family, she learns to embrace her mixed heritage by opening her mind and heart and using a little creativity.

“I liked this book because it was interesting to learn about another culture. It also showed that you can be more than one thing at once.”


Rabbi Harvey Rides Again by Steve Sheinkin

Set in the Wild West of the 1870s, Rabbi Harvey is the unlikely leader of the citizens of Elk Spring, Colorado. Equipped with Jewish knowledge, a good heart, and a keen wit, Rabbi Harvey resolves disputes, fights crime, and saves the town from no-good robbers.

“Do you like hilarious books with Jewish themes? Then Rabbi Harvey Rides Again is the book for you. This graphic novel takes place in the Wild West where Rabbi Harvey has to hold his own against criminals. All he has is his never-ending knowledge of Jewish wisdom. Read Rabbi Harvey Rides Again if you want to have the ultimate combination of laughter and learning.”


Stealing Home by Ellen Schwartz

Nine-year-old Joey Sexton has to grow up fast — his African American dad is gone, his Jewish mother just died, and now he has been sent to live with his mother’s family in Brooklyn. Joey’s zayde (grandfather) acts as though Joey can’t do anything right. Sure, Joey can play a mean game of baseball, but is that enough to impress the person whose affection he wants most?

“Stealing Home was the best book I got from PJ Our Way. This book is inspiring, active and a little sad at the end part which is good because I love sad stories. This book teaches us also about black and white it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, it matters what you are on the inside. Thank you, Ellen Schwartz, for writing the best book in the world!!!!!!!!”