Children’s Books, Videos, and More That Can Make Your Family Feel Instantly Closer to Israel, Wherever You Are in the World

For those who are ready for positive sights and sounds of Israel, we’ve got a collection that can help your whole family connect with the country. See Israel shine as we long for it to shine again soon. Meet Israeli families and children like yours, tour the shuk, listen to music, and enjoy beautiful stories celebrating the diversity of the country.


Take a virtual tour of Jerusalem. Visit the shuk -- a big market -- for falafel; learn a very special Hebrew word; and enjoy video postcards with Grover.

Virtual Tour


Visiting the Shuk for Hummus

Join two Israeli children as they take a very special field trip just before Shabbat. (Please note this video was not recorded recently).

Have it with Hummus-Yovel and Heleni's Trip to the Shuk from PJ Our Way on Vimeo.


Shalom Sesame Playlist

Grover takes viewers all over Israel.


Hebrew Word of the Day With Kalanit

Kalanit and her mom share a very special Hebrew word.


Perfect for in the car or relaxing with headphones – listen in as Kiddo’s Uncle Joel takes him for a tour around his neighborhood in Israel. Then enjoy a playlist of Israeli music.

Kiddo Tours Israel

Musical Playlist


PJ Library and PJ Our Way have so many beautiful books to share about everyday life in Israel. Here are just a few to get started.

Barefoot in the Sand
Written by Hava Deevon, illustrated by Rotem Teplow, and published by Green Bean Books

Saul from Romania has always dreamed of living in Israel, and so has Solomon from Yemen. When these two travelers meet on the shores of Tel Aviv, they share their stories and their joy.

Everywhere Chair
Written by Nati Bait, illustrated by Moran Barak, published by Hakibbutz-Hameuchad/Sifriat Poalim

It all starts with a simple chair…and before you know it, the children in this story take off on a tour of Israel. The chair becomes a car, a train, a plane – and takes off for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat, and Haifa. When you’ve got an active imagination, there are no limits to where you can go!

In the Jerusalem Forest
Written by Devora Busheri and illustrated by Noa Kelner, is published by Kar-Ben Publishing

This story, inspired by a poem by Israeli national poet Hayim Nahman Bialik, captures a quiet moment of intimacy between mother and daughter in the the vast Jerusalem forest.

Written and illustrated by Rachel Shalev, published by Ariella Verlag

This giant, Where’s Waldo-style board book represents the diversity of Israel with a range of lively scenes and characters. This unique book takes readers on a colorful, exciting, and entertaining trip through Israel. We experience the lively street cafes and beaches in the bustling city of Tel Aviv and hike through the Galilee, Israel’s green region in the north. We see great diversity at the Jerusalem Market; we visit a Bedouin family in the Negev Desert; we dive with a mother and daughter on the Red Sea coral reefs in Eilat.

Pickled Watermelon
Written by Esty Schachter and published by Kar-Ben Publishing

Salad for breakfast? Pickled watermelon for snack? Sleeping in a house just for kids instead of at home? Spending a summer in Israel isn’t at all what Molly expected!

Scout’s Honor and the Cave of Courage
Written by Anna Levine and published by PJ Publishing

In this sweet, gentle adventure set in Israel, twins Josh and Nate visit their cousins and join a group of Israeli Scouts on a camping trip. Josh is insecure because his brother Nate is braver and funnier than he is, so he hopes that the trip will bring out a different side of him. The opportunity comes when the Scouts are exploring some caves and two people get lost. Can Josh work up the courage to save his friends?

Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam
Written by Fawzia Gilani-Williams and illustrated by Chiara Fedele, is published by Kar-Ben Publishing

Yaffa and Fatima are dear friends, despite coming from different backgrounds. When times get tough, how will they look after each other? This rendition of a classic Jewish folktale is an inspiring look at how friendship perseveres.


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