Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom and Salaam

Written by
Fawzia  Gilani-Williams
Illustrated by
Chiara Fedele
Ages: 5 to 6 Years
Last Sent to Families: April 2021


Yaffa and Fatima are dear friends, despite coming from different backgrounds. When times get tough, how will they look after each other? This rendition of a classic Jewish folktale is an inspiring look at how friendship perseveres.

Big Question

How can we make peace?

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What Other Families Say About This Book

"I really loved this book. My daughter liked it, too. I love how people can be friends, no matter their differences. I teach kindergarten at an Islamic school and I read it to my class. It was a good example of of acceptance and friendship."
"I adore this book, and so does my daughter. We look at the faces and find expressions of different feelings. It helped familiarize us with the customs that her Muslim friend is celebrating."