Collage Character Storytelling Activity

A collage face made up of many people

Need an easy screen-free activity to take up an afternoon? Repurpose old junk mail into a piece of art that doubles as a story prompt. In this fun and simple activity, kids (and grown-ups) build a face by making a collage. Once each person's face is complete, use the faces as prompts to create characters and build fun and fabulous stories.

This Activity Works With These Books


  • Old magazines, junk mail, ripped pages of picture books

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Pencil and paper

  • Your imagination


  • Use the materials to create a “collage face” or character

  • Look at the face you've created:

    • What is this person's name?

    • What is their favorite food?

    • Who is their best friend?

  • Create a story about your character - perhaps they're going to the grocery store or on vacation. Maybe he or she is starting at a new school.


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