Printable: Story Blocks and Games

Story blocks are a game your kids can play together, on their own, or with the entire family. Use this printable to make your blocks and write your very own fairy tales and stories.

printable story blocks


Story block printable template (see below)
Glue or tape
Crayons, markers, or stickers to decorate your own blocks


  1. Print out the block template.

  2. Optional: Customize your block with drawings, stickers, or glitter glue.

  3. Fold along the dotted lines.

  4. Add a little bit of glue to each tab.

  5. Bring your cube together.

  6. Tell your stories!

How to Play

There are so many ways to play with your new story blocks! Here are three variations to try:

The Basic Game

Best for ages 2 and up with a grown-up

  1. Put all of the blocks into a basket or bowl.

  2. Give the container a good shake.

  3. Dump out all of your blocks.

  4. Quickly line up the blocks in any order.

  5. Tell a story all together based on the pictures you see.

Group Storytelling

Best for ages 5 and up

  1. Give each player a block.

  2. The first player says: “Once upon a time,” and rolls the block, then begins the story using the picture facing up on the cube.

  3. The second player rolls a block and continues the story.

  4. Keep going until you’ve done ten rolls of the blocks.

Create a Character:

Best for ages 7 and up

  1. Put 3-5 cubes into a bowl or basket and give them a shake.

  2. Dump all of your cubes out on the table.

  3. Use the symbols you see to create a Name for your character.

  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2. This time the pictures you see will inspire the features of your character: Is your character frequently sleep? Someone who loves flowers? Adventurous?

  5. Now repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as you’d like to create a story for your character.


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