Celebrating Sukkot With Children

Sukkot, the fall holiday of thanksgiving, starts five days after Yom Kippur and lasts for a week. The most popular tradition of Sukkot is building, decorating, and spending time (even sleeping!) inside the sukkah, a hut-like structure.

Here are some easy, kid-approved, ideas for celebrating with your family.

Celebrating Sukkot with Children


A sukkah doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t even have to cost much money. If you want a fun, simple sukkah for Sukkot, then the references below will help make it easy.

Build a Sukkah for Less than $40: NeoHasid provides framing plans that are relatively simply to follow and construct. “Sukkah kits cost upwards of a few hundred dollars,” the website writes. “A homespun sukkah is way better for the earth, for the wallet, and for the spirit.”

You may decide, in the end, to go a contemporary route and buy a sukkah kit. Or, you may decide to be more Earth-friendly, and build an edible sukkah. Whatever you decide will be OK. You may even decide to go without a sukkah altogether!


Once you’ve built a sukkah, you’ll want to decorate it (or, you may choose to decorate a friend’s sukkah instead). Here are some good ideas:


While you work, you’ll probably need a snack. Here are some Sukkot treats made with fall vegetables:

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So, there you have it: a sukkah, some fun decorations, and some tasty treats. Chag Sameach! Happy holiday!