Making Tzedakah a Shabbat Tradition

A little girl dropping coins in her tzedakah box


Even very small children can understand the ideas of sharing and giving to others. Kids understand that when they give presents to friends or family or share a favorite toy they make the people around them happy. As kids get older, and their sense of empathy develops, they also understand the concepts of fairness. Tzedakah is about making sure that all of the world's resources (food, water, clothing, education, shelter, etc.) are shared justly. Starting a weekly tzedakah practice as part of your Shabbat routine is a wonderful way for families to reinforce this very special Jewish value.


a video for parents from BimBam, the makers of Shaboom!


Tzedakah is a Hebrew word that is usually translated as “charity” but it comes from a root word meaning "justice". It is customary for many families to engage in an act of tzedakah as part of the Shabbat routine. There is no shortage of ways to incorporate tzedakah into the family’s routine. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Decorate a Tzedakah box together
Take turns selecting a charity to donate to each month
Watch this episode of Shaboom! together - it's all about tzedakah
Read a story about tzedakah

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