Make a Sock Bunny

A sock and a bag of lentils is used to make a sock bunny puppet

Maybe you have an old sock lying around. Is it time to throw it away? Of course not! Practice bal tashchit, not wasting needlessly, and turn it into a little bunny friend.

This Activity Works With These Books


  • Single sock
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Permanent marker
  • Expired dry goods like rice or lentils


  • Fill a sock with rice or lentils, just above the heel. Tie yarn at the top.
  • Now tie yarn just below the heel of the sock, cinching it to create a distinct head and body.
  • Above the head is the cuff of the sock. Pinch the cuff together and cut down the middle to make some ears.
  • Draw a face on your bunny.
  • Now you’ve turned something old into something new! Nice work!