Shaboom! Episode 6: Waste Not!

PJ Library has partnered with BimBam to bring a fun, educational webseries, Shaboom! to life. If your kids love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or Little Einsteins, they'll love Shaboom!  The show makes use of the same playful, educational, vibe but with the bonus of Jewish values and themes built in to each story. In this week's episode we learn about the value of bal taschit which means not destroying things needlessly.

As the story opens we find the Sparks enjoying some delicious "Spark-witches" but Rafi throws all of the left overs away! Down below, cousin Yasmin is shocked to find that the Plony's yard is littered with trash and the taps are all running. With some help from Gabi and a little spark magic, Yasmin teaches the entire family about the importance of recycling, reusing, and conserving.

As the Sparks and Plonys sing, "Reuse, recycle, and repeat, that's bal taschit!" There are lots of ways to help children learn about conservation. Stories like My Grandfather's Coat and Something From Nothing are great ways to kickstart conversations about the beauty in reusing and recycling. The Lorax helps older readers understand the importance of not taking more than we need. 

The whole family can practice bal taschit together by doing small things around the house like turning lights out when leaving a room or shutting the tap off while brushing teeth. You can also start a compost pile, make old cereal or matzah boxes into new objects and toys, or transform the ends of crayons into new art supplies.

Catch all of Gabi and Rafael's adventures on BimBam or check in right here on the PJ blog. We'll post new episodes each week. Or download the app!


For more information visit the Shaboom! Resources for Parents.

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