How to Make Fun Hanukkah Sponge Stamps

Hanukkah cards created with homemade paint sponges

Just because our celebrations may be a little smaller and quieter this year, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice meaningful moments with family and friends. Rather, this year we just have to be a little bit more creative and out of the box with how we form those connections--and that's where homemade Hanukkah cards come in.

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While searching the web for fun, sensory experiences to occupy my toddler while my older child was in virtual school, I happened upon a post from a site called MotherCould, where she outlined how to make easy shape stamps using household items. I thought…why not give this activity a festive spin and make Judaic and Hanukkah-themed shapes?

A little girl makes Hanukkah art wiht a homemade stamp

So, I went to task with my kitchen sponges, popsicle sticks and a hot glue gun. In just a few minutes I had a set of dreidels, star of Davids, plus several other options. By this point, I had caught the attention of both my kids, who wondered what mom was up to. Once I brought out the washable paint, the creative bugbit them, and they were all in. They stamped blank greeting cards. They stamped gift-wrap. They stamped whatever I let them get their painty paws on. And as soon as their “art” dried, both kids were eager to include their own messages to our loved ones. 

I can only imagine that our family will delight in these homemade tokens of affection, and get as much joy receiving them as my children had while making them.

After you’ve done this activity, share photos of your stamped art on Facebook or Instagram with #pjlibrary.


  • Scrub sponges

  • Permanent marker

  • Wide popsicle sticks

  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks

  • Washable paints

  • Blank greeting cards


  • To make the stamps, use the marker to draw the desired shape on the soft side of the scrub sponge.
  • Cut out the shape, and cut a slit on the scrub side of the sponge to fit the popsicle sticks.
  • Cut the popsicle sticks in half, and hot glue them into the slit in the sponge.
  • Let dry completely before using.
  • Once the stamps are set, wet the sponge stamps, and squeeze out the excess liquid. They should be damp, not wet.
  • Dab each spong paint in washable paint, and stamp onto one side of the blank greeting cards.
  • Let dry completely, before writing in the cards. 

    Tip: Depending on your paint, it may be helpful to brush the paint onto the sponge, rather than dunking into the paint.

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