Good Night, Laila Tov

Written by
Illustrated by
Ages: 2 to 3 Years
Last Sent to Families: June 2023


A family car trip turns into an exploration of the natural wonders of the seashore, woods, and fields, In gratitude and to make the world a better place, the parents plant trees. As the day progresses, the family adventure is marked by the recurringrefrain: "good night, laila tov.”

Big Question

How does the world talk to you?

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What Other Families Say About This Book

"Very good book with a nice, fun story. Enjoyed reading this very much!"
" I love this! I love when there are books that provide the opportunity to read some Hebrew with my son, as well as provide a solid storyline with values we hold! I would love to see more books like this in our mailbox!! "