The Passover Breakfast Hack You Need

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The old adage tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, it's also one that many kids skip. If you're looking for a quick, convenient, undeniably tasty, breakfast trick that's also Kosher for Passover, look no further.

If your kids are matzah brei-d out, or you're just looking for a quick change of pace, try making "Nice Cream" together. What is "Nice Cream" you ask? Simply put, it's frozen bananas whipped to the consistency of ice cream. This fast, quick, and tasty, treat forms the basis of brilliant smoothies, healthy treats, and delectable breakfast bowls that kids can assemble themselves.

Kids Making Nice Cream

Looking for an awesome story to read while sampling your first batch of Nice Cream? Pick up Izzy the Whiz and Passover McClean by Yael Mermelstein. This hilarious and lively book follows a wily young inventor as he gets ready for Passover. 

The Basics

For the basic Nice Cream recipe you'll need some ripe bananas and a food processor. Simply peel your bananas, slice them, and then freeze the slices. Once your bananas are frozen, simply toss them in a food processor and you're good to go. Watch the video below for more info:

Fast Breakfast Smoothies

To make quick breakfast smoothies, you'll take your "Nice Cream" up a notch, from one ingredient to three! You'll need frozen bananas, a handful of frozen berries, and enough apple juice to just cover the fruit. Blend all together and pour in a to-go cup.

Anytime Treats

Adding chocolate, fruit, dates, or other goodies can kick your batch of "Nice Cream" up a notch or two. You can even try adding a tablespoon (or two) of Kosher for Passover vanilla cake mix to your banana mixture to make something slightly sweeter. Here are some links to a few actually healthy and filling treats:

Looking for more ideas from kids about snacks and recipes for Passover? Check out the video series that some of our PJ Our Way Design Team members and their friends created. Head to our Facebook page to see them all.

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