10 Easy Make-Ahead Shabbat Breakfasts

A girl in a kitchen eating breakfast

Shabbat is a day of rest, family time, and with luck, maybe even a little bit of sleeping in. Embrace the specialness of Shabbat by starting your Saturday mornings off with a leisurely, made-ahead, breakfast. The best part about the recipes in this round-up? Older kids can assist with the preparations. Enjoy ten ideas for easy make-ahead breakfasts sure to please even the pickiest palate.

Breakfast Popsicles

Whether you're freezing milk and cereal into popsicle molds, or making due by freezing little cups of your favorite fruit smoothie, kids will delight in enjoying what is traditionally a treat for breakfast. Try one of these recipes:


For those who are craving the flavors of a good blintz without all the prep work, mini blinis are the answer. Try one of these delicious recipes:

Breakfast Cookie Pops

Add in your favorite seasonal dried fruit to make this recipe year-round. Other substitutions that work? Swap maple syrup for the honey. And if your pop-shaping skills are sub-par, just spread the entire mixture over a baking sheet; it makes great granola too!


Keeping eggs well-stocked in your fridge can aid in a quick dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Pre-boil some hard-boiled, prep some egg bites, or make a frittata for dinner and enjoy it the next morning.

French Toast Casserole

Here's a great way to use up any leftover challah you have from the night before. Savory or sweet, prep this ahead of time, and you'll have the smells of Shabbat in your kitchen for another day!

Homemade Toaster Pastries

It's true, homemade breakfast pastries are a snap and easy to make with premade ingredients. The benefit? Making your own means having control over the ingredients and can rest assured that surfaces are allergen free or kosher as they need to be. Plus, these can be really really fun to play with. Pro-tip: you can use store-bought pie dough, if you're daunted by the task of making your own. Try one of these recipes:

Make-Ahead Bagel Sandwiches

Skip the drive-thru and make your own breakfast sandwiches. Did you know that it was easy to make these ahead-of time? Swap in veggie sausage patties for those who prefer a vegetarian start to the day.


Don't sleep on this breakfast classic. Whether you enjoy pumpkin spice, blueberry, or a protein packed variation, this grab-and-go treat is perfect for a quick little something in the morning.

No Bake Energy Bites

No baking, no problem! Bite-sized treats are a great way for kids to help in the kitchen—plus they're easy to enjoy as a snack or a full meal. Try one of these variations:

Overnight Oats Sundae Bar

Have you ever heard of overnight oats? This super easy breakfast food is a no-cook, perfect for Shabbat, snap to prepare. Plus, overnight oats are easily adaptable to most food preferences and diets by swapping in different types of milk, add-ins, and flavorings. For Shabbat, assemble your overnight oats on Friday afternoon, throw your favorite toppings into some containers, and pull everything out of the fridge on Saturday morning to assemble. Enjoy while reading a favorite story.


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