Why We Chose This Book: Cakes and Miracles

The Book Selection Committee is always looking for books about Jewish values and traditions that also feature characters of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and abilities. Of course, these books also have to be simply terrific stories. Cakes and Miracles by Barbara Diamond Goldin covers all of those bases.
Young Hershel wants to help his mother make hamantaschen for Purim, but she is not sure that he's up for the task. When Hershel molds beautiful, unique, and truly special cookies for Purim, he teaches his mother, and their town, that imagination is not limited or hindered by ability. With his special hamantaschen, Hershel encourages those around him to also open their minds.

We hope you enjoy reading about Hershel with your family and we look forward to seeing your own imaginative hamantaschen this year. Happy Purim!

We are on a quest to bring more brilliant new Jewish children's books to life! Visit our Author's Incentive Award page or click to learn more about the upcoming writer's retreat we are cosponsoring with the Yiddish Book Center.

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