18 Great Ideas for Purim


Purim is an early springtime holiday of fun, fivolity, and generosity. However you intend to celebrate Purim, PJ Library wishes you a festive time.

For those with plans still in the works, you can check out our PJ Purim Pinterest Board as well as the great suggestions below:

Maybe you have never dressed up for Purim before, or maybe you're tired of the same-old dress-up routine. The links below provide a number of unique and creative ideas:

Easy, No-Sew Costumes from PJ Library — Be your favorite PJ Library character with these easy costume how-tos. Each tutorial takes less than ten minutes to create, no sewing involved!

A Round-Up of Purim Costumes — CreativeJewishMom's great collection of homemade Purim costumes, all created using thrift store finds and household items.

Purim Costumes on the Cheap — Kveller.com's Mayim Bialik ives parents ideas for giving kids "a fresh new look each year without breaking bank.

Even More Easy, Last Minute Costume Tutorials —  On PJ Library's Facebook page, follow along with this tutorial about how to make costumes in 10 minutes or less.

VIDEO: Mama Doni and her band present a number of engaging Purim dress-up ideas through an original song. Watch the Shalom TV video of Mama Doni's song below.

Bake It Up for Purim

Maybe you've never made a hamantash before, or maybe you're just looking to add a new flavor to Purim. In any case, consider these triangular recipes:

Joan Nathan’s Hamantaschen Recipe — Cookbook author and Kveller.com writer Joan Nathan offers this classic recipe.​

Chocolate Hamantaschen — MyJewishLearning contributor Victoria Sutton provides directions for "triangular chocolate pockets with chocolate ganache filling."

Gluten-Free Raspberry Hamantaschen — Food blog Elena's Pantry offers this gluten-free, dairy-free Purim treat.

No-Fail Sprinkle Hamantaschen Kosher.com has a wealth of hamantaschen recipes and this sprinkle dipped one is time tested and kid approved..​

No Bake Hamantaschen — PJ Library parent and blogger Jennifer has the perfect, easy solution for kids who want to cook without any help.

Hamantaschen Recipe
 — The Cupcake Project offers these tips to make "the perfect Purim cookie."

Midnight Mint Hamantaschen
 — Based on a recipe for the beloved Girl Scouts cookie Thin Mints, this Pragmatic Attic cookie boasts a mint truffle filling!

If you've mastered all of these recipes, check out Buzzfeed's list of 36 (yes, 36!) unusual Hamantaschen recipes.​

VIDEO: Making Hamentaschen -- Will and his friend make Hamantaschen in this Shalom Sesame video. Watch the video using the player below!

Shake It Up for Purim

Have you never made a homemade Purim noisemaker (grogger)? Or, would you like to make something new and different? Here are some ideas worthy of some noise:

A Juicy Purim Grogger — Kveller.com writer Rachel Teichman offers this idea for using recycled juice boxes. "Juice boxes have never made so much noise!" she writes.

Recycled Cup Grogger — CreativeJewishMom offers this easy and fun grogger project.  

 What are your Purim plans? Share your ideas, photos, and videos with us on Facebook!

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