Find a New Kid-Friendly Haggadah For Your Family

Cool uncle reading the Haggadah to the children

There's a few must-haves if you're hosting your first seder: matzah, candles, a seder plate, and of course, a Haggadah -- the book that guides your family and guests through the ritual Passover meal, the seder. If you’re not ready to build your own Haggadah just yet, try one of these family-friendly haggadot. There's even a downloadable haggadah in the list!

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The PJ Library Haggadah

woman holding haggadah

What makes this Passover different from all others? PJ Library has created a Haggadah just for families. If you’d like to purchase copies, please visit or You can also receive a free downloadable PDF version by completing this simple form.

Preview the special PJ Library Haggadah

This Haggadah is designed to help families with young children enjoy a Passover seder together. All of the elements of a seder are included, in a form that is shortened and explained to make it easy for everyone to participate — even if it is their first seder. 

Kveller's Downloadable Haggadah

cover for the Kveller haggadah

Parenting and lifestyle site Kveller created a unique downloadable Haggadah for 2019. The Kveller Haggadah, was created “to promote curiosity, even when there are no easy answers.” Visit to download your copy.

The Two-Minute Haggadah

A woman and a girl sit at the table while another woman reads from the haggadah

Children (and sometimes adults) may have trouble paying attention through a long ceremony and meal, especially if it’s their very first seder. The “2 Minute Haggadah” comes recommended in a list from, a site where you can make your own Haggadah. Use this short and speedy version to introduce your children to the seder for the first time. You can speed through this, put the kids to bed, and gather with the adults for a longer seder later.

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The Santa Cruz Haggadah

Cover for the Santa Cruz Haggadah

In addition to our list, there are a few “best Haggadot for kids” lists floating around the internet, and the Santa Cruz Haggadah is a feature on many of them. Published in 1991, this short, interactive book is popular among interfaith and reform families.  

The Uh Oh! Passover Haggadah

Cover for Uh Oh! Passover Haggadah

The Uh Oh! Passover Haggadah is full of lively illustrations full of hidden objects for children to hunt and find as your family reads through the Haggadah.  If your kids like “I Spy” or “Where’s Waldo”-style books like this one, be sure to also pull out the PJ Library Passover River Ride that comes with your books this month. You can find ten hidden matzah across all of the scenes.


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