PJ Parents

Mom and son talking

“Why do you believe in God?”
“Why do we dress up on Purim?”
“What does it mean to give tzedakah?”

Even the simplest picture books can lead to really big questions. Sometimes you might not be able to answer those questions. When that happens, we want you to have resources made especially for parents.

While PJ Library’s main focus has always been children, we also send some things just for you. They may be inside your child’s PJ Library envelope or in separate mailings or online. This content is designed for you, because we know that it isn’t easy to raise a Jewish child, and we want to help you feel comfortable talking to your kids about the kinds of things they’re reading about in their PJ Library books. 

Here are some of the items we’ve created for PJ Library parents:

Peel-and-Sniff Havdalah Cards
Printable Mitzvah-a-Day Chart
Travel Tags
Family Trees

Once a year, we also invite PJ Library parents to pick a book of their very own. Learn more about the novels, memoirs, and cookbooks in this year’s Parent Book Choice selection here.