Value-Based Programs

PJ Library books and accompanying programs are categorized by age with a short description of highlighted values and/or program content. Program elements from different books can be mixed and matched. Many programs are adaptable for multi-age programming.

Values Webinars

We have webinar recordings (and accompanying PowerPoint PDFs) for many values produced by Vivian Newman, PJ Library's Early Childhood Education Consultant. These are a great resource for educators looking for creative ways to engage families with PJ books around Jewish values.

Bedtime Rituals

Caring for the Environment (Shmirat Ha'adamah)

Courage (Ometz Lev)

Feeding the Hungry (Ma'akhil Re'evim)

Gratitude (Hoda'ah)

Honoring Parents/Grandparents (Kibud Horim/Z'kanim)

Jewish Rituals and Traditions

Kindness to Animals (Tzaar Ba'alei Hayim)

Respecting Differences (Adam Yehidi Nivrah)

  • Cakes and Miracles (Ages 3-10) - Disability Awareness: each human being has unique abilities and challenges
  • The Mitten String (EE) - Disability Awareness: Inclusion, Learning from Everyone
  • The Only One Club (Ages 4-6) - Uniqueness - Only One Club badges
  • Stork's Landing (Ages 3-10) - Disability awareness, build a nest exercise, animal activities

Tzedakah (Just Action)

Visting the Sick (Bikur Cholim)


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