PJ Library Around the World


Ten years since Harold Grinspoon first sent Jewish books to 200 children in Western Massachusetts, PJ Library has grown to send free books to more than 180,000 subscribers throughout the United States and Canada. Today, PJ Library is an expanding global community linked by shared stories and values that spans thirteen countries across five continents.

In 2011, PJ Library launched its first international program, in New South Wales, Australia, in partnership with Shalom. PJ Library in Australia subscribers receive the same lineup of books as children in the United States and Canada, creating a shared Jewish experience across the globe. A community in Singapore also has a thriving program that utilizes the North America PJ Library lineup.


Children in the United Kingdom receive many of these same books and are enthralled by these same stories. Launched in March 2015, PJ Library in the UK offers selections from the North America lineup that are most relevant and culturally appropriate to British families.


As with oceans, language is no barrier to growing the PJ Library family. In 2013, PJ Library in Spanish launched in Latin America. In March 2016, PJ Library in Spanish became available in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, and Uruguay in collaboration with ten local organizations. Universidad Hebraica in Mexico City is the implementing partner for all Latin America programs, which feature Spanish translations of beloved PJ Library titles.


In late 2015, PJ Library in Russian launched in Moscow, Russia. The program is now available in most communities across Russia, including St. Petersburg. This lineup features Russian translations of PJ Library favorites in addition to native Russian titles that link PJ Library to Russia’s rich literary history.


PJ Library’s sister program in Israel, Sifriyat Pijama, distributes books in Hebrew through preschools and daycare centers to more than 340,000 children.


PJ Library is a truly international program – tailored to meet the diverse needs of families around the world and powered by the magic of storytelling.