Did You Know … ?

At its heart, PJ Library is about continuing the Jewish story.

PJ Library subtly teaches children (and adults!) about Jewish values, customs, heritage, and history through the lens of beautiful, engaging, and heartwarming stories and fun activities. It's a joyous celebration of the past, present, and future of the Jewish people. But PJ Library is so much more than a simple Jewish children's book program for families. Here are just some of the ways that PJ Library helps families make Jewish life part of each and every day.

PJ Library reaches Jewish families in places all around the globe.

PJ Library isn't just for families in your neighborhood. PJ Library books reach all types of Jewish families located in over 30 countries, such as Japan, China, South Africa, Brazil, Israel, Ukraine, Germany, Australia … The list goes on! And PJ Library also sends books and resources to military families who are always on the move. We are working to bring PJ Library to Jewish families wherever they live.

PJ Library makes finding entertaining, diverse, and award-winning Jewish children's books easy.

One of PJ Library's primary goals is to make sure that families have a bookshelf filled with beautiful Jewish storybooks that kids love and that represent the diversity of Jewish families, traditions, and customs around the world. The PJ Library Book Selection Committee searches diligently to curate and showcase the best Jewish children's books for PJ Library families. It's a tough job, but the results are rewarding for both the committee members and the families that receive the great titles that are discovered and chosen.

PJ Library isn't just about Jewish education for children; it's great for adults too.

Some parents feel unqualified to be their child's first Jewish teacher, but PJ Library is here to help. Each book and resource is filled with information about Judaism in a way that is digestible for children of all ages and their parents, regardless of their Jewish background. PJ Library is the perfect program for blended families, families that are beginning their Jewish journey together, and families that want to pass on their Jewish traditions to the next generation. And because the books are age-appropriate and grow along with kids, there is always something new to learn and explore.

PJ Library spurs important conversations about Jewish life.

PJ Library books and activities inspire adults to share their stories when kids ask about the holidays and traditions that their family celebrates each year. By making those memories come alive, families seamlessly pass down their heritage to the next generation.

The books from PJ Library are a gift.

In 2005, philanthropist Harold Grinspoon established PJ Library so that kids can discover the beauty and richness of Jewish life during childhood. Families already spend time reading together, so it makes sense to combine this cozy ritual with Jewish education, making it easy for families to learn and laugh together. And thanks to loyal donors — many of whom are PJ Library parents and grandparents — PJ Library is free to families to ensure that they receive their books each month without having to worry about cost or endlessly researching to find the best Jewish storybooks available.

The best part? Families keep the books that they receive so they can enjoy them over and over again. Our greatest hope is that one day kids will pass on their PJ Library books to their own kids.

PJ Library is creating and evolving the Jewish literary canon.

Did you know that PJ Library has its own publishing imprint? PJ Publishing helps to realize the dreams of excellent authors and illustrators who share the vision of bringing Jewish ideas and history to kids through stories. With inspirational author trips to Israel, PJ Library-sponsored writing conferences, and author and illustrator incentive awards for those currently working on a Jewish book project, PJ Library invests in authors and illustrators to support them as they expand their knowledge of their craft. To learn more about the PJ Publishing process and see how one PJ Publishing book came to be, check out “How a Book Becomes a Book.”